PCB Fabrication to Box Build - Turnkey Services

Flashline EMS provides a comprehensive set of services that span the whole product development lifecycle. We go beyond the PC boards and complete your product assembly through our complex box build capabilities.

PCB Manufacturing and
Assembly Services

Flashline EMS is an one stop solution for all electronic product development and manufacturing needs.

From concept to production, we take care of everything. Founded by the pioneers of PCB industry, Padma Dantu and her team have been in the PCB manufacturing and assembly industry since inception some 40 years ago! You can count on us to deliver some of the most complex HDI designs for prototype and production quantities. If you are struggling to find a correct partner with a certain niche capability, chances are we can get it done.

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Trusted by the best – your Go To PCB supplier

Our advanced manufacturing capabilities allow us to work on all kinds of PCBs including HDI, Rigid-Flex or flex PCB.Our fully automated assembly line ensures that your product is correct right from conception to launch.Talk to our available experts to consult you on your PCB requirements via phone, email or live chat.


Flashline EMS is dedicated to building on our dedicades-long track record of meeting stringent manufacturing…  

Health care

Flashline EMS is significantly provider of healthcare manufacturing solutions. Our customers benifit from our unrivaled…

IT and telecom

Flashline EMS has been providing uncompromising services to our telecommunications industry partners

Railways and other transportation

As an end-to-end electronics manufacturing services that enables customers to addresss major rail…


The technologies that enable the changes are increasing demand for those who can integrate consumer electronics.

Power and energy

As part the Internet of Things, renewable energies and green technology and becoming more prevalent

PCB Fabrication to Box Build -
Turnkey Services

Flashline EMS provides a comprehensive set of services that span the whole product development lifecycle. We go beyond the PC boards and complete your product assembly through our complex box build capabilities.

Expert PCB Design Engineering

Our expert CAM engineers can deliver PCB and electromechanic al designs that meet the toughest industry standards.

PCB Fabrication

Up to 60 layer HDI board and expert in Rigid-flex PCBs. We can handle both production and proto order offshore or within USA.

PCB Assembly

Our in-house PCB assembly plant ensures quick turnaround times with the most rigorous quility checks. Assured reliability and speed. 

Why Flashline EMS

Flashline EMS is over 100,000 square feet state of art, brand new manufacturing facility with capacity to grow over 10 SMT lines aimed to serve prototype to high-mix volume for the customers globally.

Flashline EMS , with the team of 40+ quilified engineers has ability to assist our customer throughout the design processes. Our expert team work on lean manufacturing principles from the concept to manufacturing which increases the manufacturing efficiency of legacy products and improving time to market.

Flashline EMS has over 25 years of history of electronics manufacturing serving major customers in the USA. We are accomplished with PCB bare boards including Rigid HDI, Rigid-Flex, flexible circuits or Hybrid materials. Flashline EMS with state-of-art assembly facility capable of smallest SMD 01005, PTH and mixed technology assemblies.

Flashline EMS has established global supply chain management process works on the principle of lean manufacturing and has qualified and approved regional and offshore manufacturing partners based in the USA, Taiwan, Korea and China.In order to be a market leader in the global supply chain, Flashline EMS has setup a Singapore-based international purchasing office.

Our fundamental supplier approval process carries out robust and independent audit of components and bare boards.

Flashline EMS has integrated program management team that understands the market demands, trends and help customer develop a forecast.

Service comes first! At Flashline EMS, the perspective of fairness comes with value of our hard-work, dedication and diligence.Our honest approach, reliable suggestions and willingness to tackle any challengebenefits to the customers seamlessly.

Flashline EMS has dedicated customer success team that reviews quotes and customer feedback to demonstrate competitive pricing by optimizing materials, Lead time and resources.

Flashline EMS respects the customer deadlines and specification to ensure the maximum satisfaction. Our approach towards industry 4.0 and exclusive digital tracking systems monitors every components and assembly process to ensure complete traceability from incoming inspection to the final product dispatch. Our state-of-art ERP software ensures seamless attention on customers’ needs towards special services.

Our IPC certified technicians, ISO certified quality processes, automated inspections, robust FAI system with functional test and X-ray capability ensure high quality products that are safe, effective and reliable.

News & Updates

November 15, 2021 – Mike Dooley

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Often in an organization, the design engineer is called upon to design the final Production tester for a project. This is sometimes done concurrent with, or after the product design.

How are custom Functional testers Designed ?

November 15, 2021 – Mike Dooley

What is the electro- Mechanical Box Build Assembly process ?

November 15, 2021 – Mike Dooley

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