Flashline EMS is a premier producer and supplier of bespoke PCB fabrication and prototype services, with a diverse team of professionals and extensive experience in providing PCB assembly and layout services, as proven by our global customer base. Our guaranteed full-service PCB fabrication services, including everything from product layout to production to warehousing and shipping, have allowed us to maintain a high customer retention rate. We use advanced PCB fabrication processes to provide you with the best PCB fabrication services in the world.



Flashline EMS is aninnovativeAI driven electronics manufacturing service (EMS) partner to leading OEMs, offering high-quality design, prototype, and full-scale production for anysorts of complex printed circuit boards assemblies. Flashline EMS has years of experience in the industry, resulting in vast expertise in printed circuit board manufacturing, assembly and Box build.

Flashline EMS is over 100,000 square feet state of art, brand new manufacturing facility with capacity to grow over 10 SMT lines aimed to serve prototype to high-mix volume for the customers globally.

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